Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Can a Person Expect When They Hire a Bail Bondsman

Those who are arrested on suspicion of a crime will first have their mug shot taken and then they will be fingerprinted and booked. Arrested individuals are then asked to make a statement and are allowed their one phone call to contact a family member, lawyer, or bondsman. If a person does not hire a bondsman or put up money for bail, they will be required to remain in jail until they have their day in court and the judge or jury makes the determination on their guilt or innocence and their punishment for the crime. For many, bail is available as long as they have not committed a violent crime, have a previous record of evading court, and are not considered a flight risk. With this information, people can learn more about bondsman and what they can expect from their services.

When an arrested person pursues the cheapest bail bond in east hartford, they enter into a financial agreement with the bondsman. The bondsman agrees to put up the bail money that has been set and agrees to ensure the person arrives for their court date. In the event the person does not show for court, the law allows the bondsman to hire a bounty hunter to go after the individual, find them, and bring them back to stand trial.

Bondsmen charge a certain percentage of the amount of the bail they are signing for. This fee is non-refundable even if the person is found not guilty or the case is thrown out of court for any reason. The amount a bondsman can charge will vary by state and is controlled by the state. The usual amount is no more than 10%. The fee must be paid in cash or in property and must be paid upfront before the person can be released through bail.

It is important a person is prepared for their trial and shows up on time for any court appearances they are called to. Failure to appear will negate the bond and cause a bench warrant to be issued by the judge. Problems can be avoided by following the law and the terms of the bond agreement.

Those who have been arrested and granted bail have the right to be released from jail to await their trial. This allows people the opportunity to go back to their families and their jobs. With the fastest manchester ct bail bond, a person can be released from jail within twenty-four hours or less so they do not have to stay in jail until trial.